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Comprehensive Pre-construction

By the time ground has been broken, the success of a project has been largely determined by the planning, or lack thereof. VP Builders believes in a robust and integrative Pre-Construction Phase, strictly minimizing surprises and aligning expectations, so that efficient construction and cost-effective project performance can follow. 

Speed To Market

Opportunity cost is one of the greatest costs that businesses fight in the race to the bottom line, and getting to market efficiently is paramount to minimizing opportunity costs. VP Builders' lean approach, deep experience, and adherence to timelines will get you to the finish line faster. 

Transparent Delivery

Full transparency is not something VP Builders strives for, it is something we deliver every time. We utilize state-of-the-art project management software for estimating, managing, and communicating every step of each project so that there is nothing to wonder about. No question marks.



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VP Builders brings industry-leading, national construction company experience with the agility of a lean firm.


Managing Partners, Justin Vanderbrink and Doug Paasch, have provided Pre-construction and Project Management to some of the Southeast's most comprehensive construction projects. They launched VP Builders with the vision of bringing  the best aspects and practices of major construction management to owners that prioritize speed to market, comprehensive pre-construction, and transparent project delivery. 

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40 years, and over a billion dollars in combined experience...

Justin & Doug - Experience 



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